Volunteer Providers

Heather Turner, MD
Southern Crescent Women’s Healthcare 

Welcome back, Heather Turner, MD, and Southern Crescent Women’s Healthcare! Since we opened our doors 10 years ago, Dr. Turner has volunteered a half day each month onsite to treat Clinic patients who’ve been identified with gynecologic issues by our primary care providers. The need for this care is great: of the six patients Dr. Turner saw on her first day back at the Clinic, four will need additional services at Dr. Turner’s office. 


Dr. Turner is one of the very first volunteer providers to return to the Clinic since the COVID-19 pandemic intensified, but she never missed a day caring for our patients. During the last seven months, Dr. Turner says, “I’ve continued to see Samaritan patients in my private office, and we’ve treated two Clinic patients identified with cervical cancer. I can’t say enough about the way the Clinic kept functioning. When COVID came, no one dropped the ball on patient care. Peggie Lawson [Nurse Administrator] coordinated urgent appointments for these women with me, and we got them the care they needed. This continuity says a lot about the Clinic.”

The Clinic’s comprehensive care is possible because of relationships the Clinic has built with partners like Piedmont Newnan Hospital and Southern Crescent Women’s Healthcare. “We volunteer all our services, but without donated services like anesthesia from the hospital, this system wouldn’t work. And without the relationship between Coweta Samaritan Clinic and the hospital, these ladies would not have been cured. Their cancers would have been identified at a much later stage.” 


“What’s so important to me about Samaritan is that I am really struck by how many people need these services. I was not aware of what a big need there was in the community. I’ve been here ten years, and it’s amazing to see how it continues to grow and evolve.”


It’s great to have you back in the Clinic again, Dr. Turner! We owe another big thank-you to volunteer providers, Dr. Ed Anderson and Dr. Lonnie Lonergan, who also care for our gynecologic patients and to Cancer Treatment Centers of America Newnan, which provides cancer care for our patients.  

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