Volunteer Spotlight

Norma Haynes

“I Cherish the Days I Have There.”

Norma talks about volunteering at Coweta Samaritan Clinic and the changes she’s seen since our first day of operation.

Tell us what volunteering has meant to you.

As you probably know, I started the first day the Clinic was opened in 2011. My dear friend, Dr. Earnest Barron, suggested to me, “Norma Jean, I think you would love to be part of this.” He was right. I don’t want to miss my days there. It feeds my soul to see the care that our providers take with patients and how they handle every patient with such love. It’s just amazing to me.


I’m there on Wednesdays, and the day starts with Kay’s devotional for staff and volunteers. I look forward as much to that as anything. Her faith is so strong it radiates. Our patients can put their prayer requests in our prayer box, and we pray for them. We also pray for the Clinic and the providers, and that starts our day. I don’t know of any other place—even a church—that has affected as many people through these years.


How has the Clinic changed since you began volunteering?

I can’t even tell you how I have seen the Clinic evolve with the people who have been touched. First, let me say that I’m so thankful that Coweta County has given us the opportunity to use this building!


In the beginning, the patients would write their name down, and we’d check them in and take the file folder back to the doctor. The Clinic started out with just Kay, Dr. Barron, and Rhonda Whitton [Nurse Practitioner]. There there’s Peggie Lawson and Ginny Lyles—I can’t say enough about the two of them. I witness some of the stress they experience in handling trying experiences, and they handle them with such courtesy, grace, and diplomacy. A lot of love flows from them.


Now we have Amy Kelly [Piedmont Newnan Hospital Community Outreach], who has helped so many people, and Brenda, who does counseling as well. We have volunteer dentists and dental care through our partnership with the Central Education Center. We also fill patients’ prescriptions at the Clinic or make arrangements for them to get their prescriptions at a reduced price. That has helped so many diabetics and others with chronic diseases.


Of course, now we have evolved into the computer system. I know I’m old, but I’ve learned how to use Epic [medical records software]. Sometimes I get mixed up, but that sweet Ginny and Kathy [front desk] rescue me and don’t lose their temper.


One thing hasn’t changed is the care at Coweta Samaritan Clinic. At the Clinic, your doctor is looking you in the eye, taking all the time in the world for you, patting you on the shoulder. It’s the most wonderful thing that’s ever come to Newnan.


What would you like to say to the next generation of volunteers?  

If you don’t take part in that Clinic in some way, you’re missing out! Volunteering in the office, donating, bringing food for staff and volunteer lunches, bringing patients coats or necessary toiletries—anything you do will be a blessing to you. I don’t feel like I’m a blessing; the patients are a blessing to me, and that Clinic is a blessing to me.


As patients come in with different problems, I’ve watched that Clinic expand just to meet their needs. Kay Crosby is an angel to give up her practice and to do what she does with such joy. Never have I seen Kay frustrated. Rhonda and Esther (Physician’s Assistant) are the same way. And our volunteer providers—for them to give just a little bit of their time is so dear. I wish more doctors would realize what a blessing it would be to them. I’m so thankful I’ve had the opportunity to volunteer.

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Volunteer Spotlight

Jackie Stallings, Volunteer Medical Technologist

You wouldn’t know it when you meet her, but Jackie worked as a med tech in a variety of laboratory settings for 60 years—from 1952 to 2012—before retiring from PAPP Clinic. She quickly became a regular volunteer at Coweta Samaritan Clinic, because, “I loved my work. I loved the people, and I got bored. I get a million times more than I give from working at the Clinic with these wonderful people.”  | More |

A Summer of Service


Newnan Presbyterian Church celebrated a summer of service by assembling hygiene kits for patients of the Coweta Samaritan Clinic. To learn how your church or club can get involved, please complete and submit our Volunteer Application form.

Coweta Samaritan Clinic would not exist without volunteers. The majority of medical and dental care at the clinic is provided by volunteers, including physicians, dentists, NPs, PAs, nurses and other medical professionals. They are assisted by additional volunteers how work in the clinical office and serve as eligibility screeners. During 2014, volunteers provided 6,150 hours of service at the clinic. That total does not include the services provided by many kind and skilled specialists in the community who treat clinic patients without charge in their offices.


Volunteer needs include medical professionals – Physicians, NPs, PAs, nurses, phlebotomists, dieticians and patient educators. Other integral volunteers include eligibility screeners, receptionists, social workers, counselors and interpreters.


Volunteer healthcare providers will be screened and must have an exemplary record. Licensed volunteer healthcare providers can apply for Sovereign Immunity protection provided by the State of Georgia through the Georgia Volunteer Healthcare Program.


The clinic can help retired physicians obtain a special license to practice at the clinic. Nurses do not need to have an active license.


If you are interested in volunteering,
please complete and submit our Volunteer Application form

Or contact:

Ginny Lyles 770-683-6983ginny.lyles@cowetasamaritanclinic.org


The Clinic needs volunteers to bring lunch to our staff on Wednesdays.

This is a great way to help our community! Wednesdays are so busy that the staff only has a moment to grab a bite to eat. Providing these lunches saves the clinic over $5,000 a year. Your participation would be so greatly appreciated! You can choose a date for yourself, or sign up with a friend.








Here is some information to assist you:

  • You can sign up for one date only.

  • Please provide for 20 people.

  • Drinks and paper goods are not needed.

  • If possible, please bring food in disposable containers.

  • Please deliver food by noon. You can enter through the left side doors.

  • Food can be homemade or picked up... we are appreciative of anything!


Please feel free to forward to anyone that may be interested. Thank you for supporting our amazing clinic!

If you are interested, please go to the link below to sign up:


username: volunteers

password: wedlunch

In Loving Memory of

W. Earnest Barron, MD

March 22, 1931 – August 9, 2016
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